NEW YORK — The King’s College in New York City (NYC) today welcomes Norway’s NLA University College as its 14th partner school. 

As its first international partner, this agreement is part of King’s efforts to bring international students to the College for a semester. This initiative gives 2,000 students at NLA’s four campuses the opportunity to study in NYC in the NYC Semester in Journalism program (NYCJ), which is operated by the McCandlish Phillips Journalism Institute (MPJI) at King’s. 

“We look forward to placing journalism students from Norway into news media internships in NYC in coming semesters,” said Paul Glader, Director of MPJI and Associate Professor of Journalism at The King’s College. “The American students at King’s and our 13 other partner schools will benefit from the Scandinavian perspective in our classes as well.”

The NYCJ program welcomes up to 15 visiting students each semester as visiting students at the College. They take three courses at King’s and spend 20 hours per week participating in a news media internship for six academic credits.

NLA University College is the third-largest private university college in Norway with campuses in Bergen, Oslo and Kristiansand. The school is owned by seven different Christian organizations in Norway and is founded on Christian values although students are not required to have any religious affiliation. The Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication in Kristiansand produces roughly 20% of all journalism graduates in Norway.

We do welcome this excellent opportunity for our journalism students to get a unique educational experience from the influential news media context in NYC,” said Dr. Lars Dahle, Vice Rector for External Relations at NLA University College and Associate Professor at the Gimlekollen Campus in Kristiansand.“We also anticipate future significant partnership opportunities with The King’s College in other key areas, including offering courses for US students in Norway, doing collaborative research, and international project cooperation.”

NLA joins these 13 other partner schools to The King’s College and its NYC Semester program: Bethel University (Minnesota), Colorado Christian University, Covenant College (Tennessee), Geneva College (Pennsylvania), Grove City College (Pennsylvania), Huntington University (Indiana), Johnson University (Tennessee), Milligan College (Tennessee), Mount Vernon Nazarene University (Ohio), Olivet Nazarene University (Illinois), Point Loma Nazarene University (California), University of Northwestern St. Paul (Minnesota), and Carson-Newman University (Tennessee).

“This is a tremendous opportunity for students interested in studying journalism and honing their skills,” said Jim Dahlman, Associate Professor of Communications at Milligan College. “While the industry is seeing its share of challenges, there’s a thriving demand and great opportunity for journalists to work in innovative ways.”

Such partnerships allow visiting students to apply coursework to their degree studies at their home institution. “We are in advanced talks with several more universities in the United States and on other continents, and expect more domestic and international partner schools to become official in coming months,” Glader said.