The juice trend of 2014 may have died down, but The Juice Shop: Kitchen and Juicery located on 80 Broad Street New York, NY 10004, is bringing it back. For smoothie, salad, and acai bowl lovers, this is a juicy story for you.

rom the moment I walked up to The Juice Shop, I immediately felt invited in. During their operating hours they keep the front doors open giving the shop a more welcoming feel. Once inside my nose was filled with the fresh scents of fruit and cut grass. The shop is decorated as rustic with wood paneling on the walls and bright lights and neon green furniture. The staff at The Juice Shop greeted me with a smile and welcomed me into the store.

Looking around I quickly realized that no other customers were in the store. When talking to James Lewis, The Juice Shop manager, he said, “there has been a lot of foot traffic in and out because everybody wants to get to the office really quickly.” After a few minutes of sitting in the shop I realized most people either order ahead for pickup or grab and go. The shop however, does offer seating but due to the busy city of New York most people do not stay.

The shop offers many delicious and healthy options ranging from fresh squeezed juices to kale salads. Natalie, a customer in the store, told me her favorite thing to order is a “Mr. Almond (smoothie).” Some of the shop’s most popular items are smoothies such as the Dr. Feelgood or breakfast bowls with yogurt and granola for customers who come in the morning before work. They also let you build your own smoothies. Giovanni Harvey, one of the staff members said his favorite part about working at The Juice Shop is “making smoothies and trying them too. Sometimes I like to make fun different smoothies that have a cool color and I like trying them.” The staff in the shop quickly makes the orders for the customers flying in and out of the door everyday with a smile.

Lewis explained that the shop “gets very busy throughout the week and it has helped in the growth revenue move into a positive direction.” The Juice Shop offers a healthy alternative to the normal sodas and junk food you can find in several chains around New York. The prices of their items are a little pricey, however they only use fresh ingredients. In fact “we have no sugar here,” Hardy explained when describing their healthy food.

The Juice Shop provides a healthy, no sugar added, and delicious alternative to everyday drinks. The goal of The Juice Shop opening was to “bring back the business and make it more customer friendly,” said Lewis. The shop creates a friendly environment where, especially in New York City, customers can stop and quickly get a drink or food during their busy day. Being located in the financial district of Manhattan, business has been increasing monthly as more and more people flood the city streets. Wall Street was their perfect location because of their variety of customers who come in on their way to work or back from the gym. The Juicery also has many loyal customers such as Natalie who said she “comes in at least once a week.”

The Juice Shop is a one in a melon shop that will really light up your lime, especially if you are looking for a flexible smoothie shop. Make sure to stop in during their operating hours on Sunday through Friday from seven to nine.

By Riley Michlowitz