There is no secret as to what keeps New York City on the balls of their feet: Coffee fuels the New Yorkers who are always on the go, and Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop provides just that for the street-goers of the Financial District. 

Not only does Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop provide a quick caffeine fix for all of its customers, it also brings a little piece of Australia to the Big Apple. The Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop off the corner of Broad St., is one of the many Bluestone Lane locations across New York and Philadelphia. This particular Australian-themed coffee shop was only the second one to be built of its kind, and has been serving the public since 2013. 

The eccentric pineapple wallpaper and eclectic music, ranging from Marvin Gaye to the City Soul Project, creates an atmosphere welcoming to all ages. From the open glass door to the lively workers, this Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop sets itself apart from the rest. Tequita Kelley, a first-time customer, was amazed by how true to Australia the coffee shop actually is. The inspiration for all of the decorations in the shop come from Australia, and are more specifically tailored to fit the style of the Australian city of Melbourne. 

Though the workers accents are anything but Australian, their presence only adds to the pleasant and unique experience of this Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop. The baristas and cashiers spend their days making coffee and building relationships with customers who cannot stay away from the warm welcome they will be sure to get. Janine Rafio, a Queens native and barista at the Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop on Broad St. can name a list of customers who make working a joy. 
“We try to break down that wall that society has built,” says Janine, “I’ve made a family.” 

Along with Janine, Hank Jeannel has been a barista at the Broad St. Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop for ten months, and is loving every second of interacting with their regular customers. His favorite regular is a 7-year-old boy who visits the coffee shop every day just to see him. This young boy never fails to ask for his “regular,” which is an order of avocado toast, and Hank never fails to meet his requests. 

The most important component that keeps this tight-knit community together is the coffee itself. A delicious menu ranging from espresso shots to Flat Whites impress new customers, and keep the regular customers returning. Along with tasty coffee, each hot drink is garnished with a stunning design. Hank Jeannel mentions that one of his favorite parts about being a barista is having people recognize the hard work he puts into making each drink beautiful. 

Though there are multiple Bluestone Lane Coffee Shops all over the city, on the corner of Broad St. lies a true gem. In the very heart of the Financial District where business is always happening, this Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop brings culture, community and mesmerizing coffee to those willing to take a peek inside. 

By Rachel Freeman