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Nestled in the beautiful, bustling neighborhood of Greenwich Village, Greenwich Letterpress opens its doors to those who have a heart for the simpler things in life. 

Opened by 2, third-generation printing sisters in 2005, the location of the store is a heartbeat for the community. “I think the coolest part for me is that I have a small piece of New York history… I love how you get to know people. They’ll walk in and say ‘hello’... It’s so rewarding to see regulars who live here in the neighborhood.” says Manager Lindsay Williams. The people who come in are either older, local New Yorkers, keeping up the tradition of snail mail, or millennials, who Lindsay says is keeping this business alive and well!
 Every inch of the store is filled with cards. And it’s not just stationary. From journals and candles to posters and enamel pins, a visitor finds charm and quirk in this hidden gem. When you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by a warm smile at the register. Time becomes slower and leaves the busyness of the city at the door. It welcomes a time for thoughtfulness and creativity. 

But shopping local nowadays brings challenges. Corporate companies such as Papyrus, Paper Source and even Target give stiff competition in terms of price to smaller printing shops that value eco-friendly, American made, curated cards. I asked Williams what she’s noticed in the past year of her business since what she would refer to as ‘Trump’s Reign’: “I think now, because everything has gone so crazy in the world, we are pushed more to stand out and be unique!” And that is exactly what customers experience. 

 “It just looked so nice! I love stores like this. You can buy things that you don’t necessarily need, but everyone likes!” said one customer. An employee named Maddy, voices the same when telling her story of how she ended up working there, “I just have always loved their stuff and every product has such a unique voice… It’s just so much fun!” 

This store is completely owned and operated by women. Maddy also giggles in response to a question concerning what’s the most exciting part of her job, “I just LOVE my coworkers so much! Lauren, Lindsay, Bethany and Amy are so amazing, and they are just awesome people to work with.” She attributes the loving environment of the store to their tight-knit community. 

By Kate Thornbury