Summer Academy 2017 on tour at Newsweek

Summer Academy 2017 on tour at Newsweek

Summer Academy


The Summer Academy is a week long camp designed for students who love ideas and want to understand the philosophical foundations of modern society. Through original source readings, lectures, and discussions students will broaden your understanding of the ideas that animate our society. Students will experience New York City through visits to museums, historic sites, activities, discussions, and other attractions.

Media and Journalism students will explore media’s role in modern society by:

  • Exploring the life and times of the late John McCandlish Phillips, a legendary reporter for The New York Times in the 1960s and 1970s, during the “new Journalism” boom.
  • Learning about journalism and media history in NYC including the story of Danish immigrant journalist Jacob Riis, who used reporting and flash photography to uncover squalid living conditions on the Lower East Side. He is now considered a pioneer of socially redemptive journalism.
  • Visiting a New York City Newsroom and hearing from editors at a major publication.

Students will consider the roots of American journalism and media in a city that has been the American epicenter for news and information for centuries. Students will read from primary and secondary sources to understand how the city of New York shaped journalism and media…and was shaped by journalism and media.