Key info for NYCJ / J-1 Students

The NYCJ program invites students from all over the world to study as J-1 interns in New York City at The King's College. The program has some amazing benefits, including guaranteed internships in New York City publications and classes alongside veterans in the news industry. The legal requirements for the J-1 program are complex, but the following guidelines include all of the necessary requirements to participate in the program.

The King's College provides the following for visiting J-1 NYCJ students


  • Student housing placement
  • An internship in a New York City based publication
  • a full academic course load
  • air travel costs and arrangement (provided by the Arne Fieldstead Memorial Scholarship)
  • a $5200 stipend (after taxes) to provide for living expenses (provided by the Arne Fieldstead Memorial Scholarship)


Stipend Details

The Arne Fieldstead Memorial Scholarship is a taxable scholarship which legally requires J-1 recipients of the scholarship to apply for a Tax ID Number (TIN). Tax ID Numbers (TIN) in the case of a J-1 student are necessarily in the form of a Social Security Number (SSN). Instructions on how to apply for a social security number are below.

Social Security Number Instructions

Applying for a Social Security Number

$5200 is the amount provided by the scholarship after taxes