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“C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce” Comes To NYC

NOVEMBER 20 2015 – By Emma Clark NEW YORK — Last weekend, the stage adaption “C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce” performed its preview shows to full houses in midtown Manhattan’s Pearl Theater. Written by Founder and Artistic Director Max McLean and Brian Watkins of the Fellowship for Performing Arts, this off-Broadway production opens the company’s […]

“Faces of Courage” Bring Healing To Congo’s War Survivors

November 17 2015 – By Emma Clark and Daphne Seah NEW YORK CITY – Imagine lying in bed listening to gunshots echoing in the night. Imagine looking into the eyes of war survivors who have seen the worst in humanity and hearing their stories of living through years of civil strife. That is what Hannah […]

7 Worthwhile Ways To Grab Attention

7 Worthwhile Ways To Grab Attention

In a keynote speech recently in New York City, Parr, a co-founder of Dominate Fund and a former editor at Mashable, shared key findings on how to leverage credibility and capture an audience’s attention. Speaking to a crowd of start-up entrepreneurs, brand marketers and technologists, Parr revealed three stages of attention (immediate, short, long) and these seven attention triggers.