Jumpstart your journalism career in 2019 by studying this coming May 31-June 28 under a group of award-winning journalists and editors — including Clemente Lisi of The King's College — in the Spanish city of Valencia.

Led by a team of award-winning journalists and professors with international experience, students will explore the ancient neighborhoods and bohemian hideaways of Valencia to flesh out stories about a city that brims with historic tradition and dazzling nightlife. The program, put together by iei Media, includes modules in sports journalism, feature and travel writing, multimedia and design, photography and video storytelling.

The program is run by the University of Jamestown, University of Nebraska and California State University at Fullerton.

All types of student journalists are welcome to apply for the course. During their four-week stay, students will work as a team to become multimedia storytellers. Each participant will have a chance to leverage his or her strengths (and get digital clips for their portfolios), but also be challenged to cooperatively develop new journalistic tools under the guidance of seasoned faculty mentors.

Students can apply for financial aid at

For more information about the program and to apply, please visit: