NEW YORK - The King’s College in New York City has been selected by Google News Lab to join a group of 150 college and university journalism programs internationally that receive training and support that Google has developed for professional newsrooms.

The Google News Lab University Network provides in-person training when possible and online training materials to professors and students on topics ranging from immersive storytelling, data journalism, trends, trust / verification and more. “We’ll be using these tools in our classes,” said Paul Glader, an Associate Professor of Journalism at King’s and former staff writer at The Wall Street Journal. “We want our students to be cutting edge in their reporting skills.”

Glader has been in contact with Google and designers of its news lab in recent years.  He says being part of this network is very valuable for students who study in King's new major Journalism, Culture and Society, or who minor in journalism at The King’s College in NYC. It’s also valuable for students who attend the NYC Semester in Journalism (NYCJ) at The King’s College from 30 partner schools. These students work in a New York newsroom and take three classes at King’s.

"Journalism means working with partners, such as Google, who are at the forefront when it comes to developing innovative storytelling techniques,” says Professor Clemente Lisi, a former editor at The New York Daily News, who co-directs the NYCJ program and co-advises the student media platform, The Empire State Tribune, with Glader. "More importantly, it also provides students who attend The King's College to have access to an array of training methods currently available in newsrooms across the country. It it that access that will better prepare our students as they enter the workforce."

Google says its lab works with newsrooms, startups and innovative journalism organizations around the world to use Google technology, data and resources. Such participants include The Poynter Institute in Florida, Stanford University, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and Indiana University.  

Google explained its News Lab here on Medium. It explained its University Network here