Sept. 30, 2013 -- The Board of Trustees of The King's College is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Glader as Associate Professor of Journalism and Composition. Glader will also serve as founding director of The John McCandlish Phillips Journalism Institute at The King's College.

Mr. Glader received his M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University in 2008, with an emphasis on economics and business reporting.

From 2001 to 2011, Mr. Glader was a staff writer for The Wall Street Journal, where he wrote hundreds of news, feature, and in-depth articles about topics related to finance, health care, energy, and foreign business and management issues. Mr. Glader's articles appeared in all sections of the Journal in its U.S., Europe and Asia editions and on

Mr. Glader traveled to Korea, India, Paris, and Argentina between 2004 and 2007 to report stories about the global metals and mining industries. He wrote in-depth feature stories about billionaires, executives, and entrepreneurs in the industry such as Lakshmi Mittal, Wilber Ross, and Alain Belda. He also reported on many mergers and acquisition deals, including two $30 billion hostile takeover battles. Mr. Glader now writes for magazines such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, ChristianityToday, and The American Legion and has been a regular contributor to The Washington Post, Der Spiegel Online and to

Mr. Glader has lived for the last two years in Berlin, Germany, where he was a Robert Bosch Fellow and a European Journalism Fellow at Free University in Berlin. In Germany, he took intensive German classes, studied literature, reported on startups in Berlin, and wrote a research report about innovation in higher education.

Dr. Harry Bleattler, Chair of the Media, Culture, and the Arts program, said, "Paul's experiences in the field will give students an insider's understanding of journalism. Paul also has a handle on the complicated and constantly changing world of New Media—a must in today's highly competitive field of journalism. We're thrilled to have him here."

Mr. Glader will be teaching classes such as Intro to Journalism, Business Journalism, Magazine Journalism, College Writing I and 2, Persuasive Writing and Speaking and advising the school newspaper, The Empire State Tribune, at The King's College.

Glader considered the late John McCandlish Phillips a friend and mentor. They first met in 2002 when Glader moved to New York City to work for The Wall Street Journal. "John was a grandfatherly figure to many young journalists in New York," Glader said.

Mr. Glader believes that the Christian liberal arts approach of The King's College is an excellent background for writing and reporting in a journalistic context. "No matter where media, economics, and readership is going, there will always be a demand for truth-telling, story-telling, and fact-finding by intellectually curious people who have a bedrock of ethics and values," Glader said.

With a focused curriculum in the liberal arts tradition, The King's College prepares students to help shape, and eventually to lead, the institutions of government, civil society, media, law, business, education, the arts and the church.