NEW YORK — The King’s College, a private liberal arts Christian college in lower Manhattan, became the first U.S. secondary educational institution to partner with German business news giant Handelsblatt, which since 2014 has been strategically expanding its business news offerings into the English language.

“We are pleased to make the Handelsblatt Global available to the faculty and students of The King’s College in New York City,” said Philipp J. Fleischmann, Managing Director of the Handelsblatt Global. “It is exciting to see professors in different departments interested in enriching the learning experience of their students by integrating our German and European perspective into their teaching.”

Handelsblatt, based in Düsseldorf, is the leading German-language business news outlet with more than 550,000 readers every market day. It is now making a push to attract a global audience to its journalism by publishing the Handelsblatt Global in English, the lingua franca of global commerce.

Professor Paul Glader, a journalism professor at The King’s College and director of the McCandlish Phillips Journalism Institute and NYC Semester in Journalism (NYCJ), plans to use Handelsblatt Global along with The New York Times and other U.S. news sources in his business journalism course this Spring. Other professors in the business department plan to use the publication as well to bring an international perspective to their curriculum. Glader, a business journalist formerly with The Wall Street Journal and a Robert Bosch Fellow for Young American Leaders in Germany in 2011-2012, said the move by Handelsblatt into the U.S. market is significant.

“We have seen English-language news outlets such as The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal try to publish their news in German in the past. Those efforts were short-lived,” Glader said. “I’m glad to see Handelsblatt Global going the other direction and wish them great success. The more business news in either language, the merrier. More reporting and thoughtful analysis about markets, companies and industries is good for businesses, investors and citizens alike.”

Glader also noted that few German news organizations publish in English. Public-funded media organization Deutsche Welle has done so for some time. Agenda-setting news weekly Der Spiegel does so on a limited basis and has scaled back its English language content in recent years.

Dr. Kimberly Reeve, a business professor at King’s, plans to use Handelsblatt Global in her International Business class. “One thing I try to do is get them to understand points of view and cultures that are different than our own American viewpoints and culture,” she said. “I’ve been using The Economist and some excerpts from BBC News, but this will be a very good addition.”

“This is further confirmation to us that the strategic decision we made in 2014 to begin publishing in English was both timely and right,” said Mr. Fleischmann. “Leaders in commerce, politics, and culture, and future leaders like those studying at The King’s College, are understandably interested in gaining deep insight into Europe and Europe’s leading economy. The Handelsblatt Global gives them that.”

The King’s College is a liberal arts Christian college located a block from the New York Stock Exchange in the financial district of downtown Manhattan. Interested students can find out more information on the school at

Handelsblatt, established in 1946, is Germany’s leading business and financial newspaper and is part of the Dieter von Holtzbrinck Media Group, which includes Germany’s leading business weekly, WirtschaftsWoche, its leading general-interest weekly newspaper, Die Zeit, Berlin’s market-leading daily newspaper, Tagesspiegel, and since September 1, 2014, Handelsblatt Global, which has redefined English-language coverage of Europe’s largest economy with exclusives, analysis, and opinion available nowhere else. Other universities, companies and organizations interested in subscribing to Handelsblatt Global can contact Josh Helfand at