Rachel Greenland

I will look back on this semester for years to come as a key period that has shaped all aspects of my life

Brooke Mora

NYCJ helped my confidence leaps and bounds for my career and work.

Hayley Folk

"New York City allowed me to grow up both personally and professionally.

Sonya Swink

"It is a community of people committed to journalism, New York, and friendship.

Ayzia King

"This program helped me score an internship with my publication even after I finished.

Amy MacArthur

"There are so many different avenues to study journalism in this day in age, and all of them have something to offer.

Mitch Chamberlain

"If I went back in time and told myself what this semester had in store for me, I would have called myself crazy."

Sue Patton-Bey

"This program has helped me develop not only as a journalist, but also as a woman working and living in the world capital for journalism.

Sarah Nelson

"This program does wonders for those in smaller universities who want to break out of their campus bubble."

Sarah Dougan

"NYCJ has given me a good idea of what it takes to succeed in journalism.

Reagan Hoezee

"I realized that I was capable of being much more independent than I thought I was."

Olivia Kelley

"NYCJ helped me realize that it was possible for me to be a reporter in New York City."

Chelsea Tyson

"Even though it has been less than a year since I moved here, I cannot deny the impact my semester at WJC had/continues to have on my day to day life"

Jake Dinsmore

"King's taught me to understand and communicate ideas. New York City gave me the opportunity to do both those things at one of the largest television networks in the world. I'm very grateful."

Meagan Clark

"Living in New York City has brought me into contact with influential, ambitious and inspiring people and taught me to have some grit."

Kara Bettis

"I was able to intern at a different network every year that I was at King’s in addition to my time with the EST."